iPhone/iPad, Android & Windows Phone

Phones and Tablets are THE FUTURE and THE PRESENT. All application needs presence in Phone and/or Tablet. Realizing we are obsolete without presence here we started our Phone and Tablet team in 2013.


iPhone & iPad Applications


Initially we started iPhone/iPad application development. Following are the technologies we are using for iOS


1. Objective C

2. HTML/CSS/JS with Sencha

3. jQuery mobile

4. PhoneGap

Some of the applications are done in Objective C, it’s the native language and we get the default components for iPad which helps us keep the design consistency with iPad applications with the total iPad theme.


For web applications, where it’s very important that the latest data is shown, we often do the development in Sencha framework, which is the javascript framework helping building application for iPad and other smart phone type devices. We have very good experience in this.


Android Applications


As time passed, android started to grow popularity and being a top notch programming team, it was just adding another feather in our already colorful hat. The android team mainly uses PhoneGap but also sometimes use Java for native application. With PhoneGap, we use jQuery mobile most of the time for Android.



Windows Mobile                            



Windows Phone is a easy expansion, since we are already “Ninjas” in Microsoft .net and Windows phone uses .net, so we are already familiar with all the things here. Here also we use C# and Visual Studio for native development and for cross platform PhoneGap with jQuery mobile are in use.


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