Project Management System

Property Management Information System(ProMIS)

Managing Multi-located infrastructure development and problem mitigation (maintenance) is a very complex and critical task. ProMIS is system software which has been development to manage multi-located physical infrastructure construction including construction progress monitoring, project implementation planning with critical path, financial management with forecasting and post-construction maintenance managements.


The property management information system (ProMIS) developed by ITPL can be one of your greatest assets for your multi- located construction project management from the single interface.


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Project Management System(PMS)

A project is a time and cost constrained operation to realize a set of defined deliverables(the scope to fulfil the project’s objectives) up to quality standards and requirements (International Project management Association (IPMA) - IPMA Competence Baseline (ICB), Version 3.0).


Project management is a structured way managing change. It focuses on developing specifically defined Project Outputs that are to be delivered by a certain time to a defined quality and with a given level of resources so that planed Project Outcomes are achieved. Effective project management is essential for the success of a project. Therefore, Managing project is creative and critical task due to time, cost of objective fulfilment constraints; as found from the above definition and as we understand today.


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