Our Process

You have heard of failing deadline in outsource development and often misunderstanding the requirements. Right bug tracking software and good communication is a must for a successful software. In our company we specially take care of this issue by following certain protocols as described below:


1. Use of Agile method


From your software needs we make some stories. Based on those stories we start developing. We develop using Agile software methodologies where every day we produce output instead of planning for long time without output. We mainly use Scrum development method where every day we have some update and at every sprint we have a delivery planned.


2. Dedicated project manager


It’s very important that you talk with a single person for your project. It ensures the best communication and success of the project. For each project we always dedicate a project manager who will be responsible for the whole project. For bigger projects we have dedicated project manager and even for smaller project we engage project manager who isn’t burdened with too much projects.
We ensure that the project manager can speak English fluently and have complete technical understanding about the related technologies.


3. Weekly update and delivery


While following scrum based development method it’s confirmed that at the end of each sprint we have a deliverable ready. We have test server where we upload our works for your acceptance test. So, you are always confirmed about your development, where the development going, if there is any misunderstanding of the requirements and if we are right on track for delivery milestone.



Bangladesh Address:

House No. :28 (1st floor)

Bhasha Sainik Abdul Matin Sarak

Road No.:07,Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205


Phone : +880 29137359

Mobile : +8801987005157

Email : info@itpeopleltd.com