Our Strength

Over the years, we have successfully guided our clients through the technology potholes and blind turns along the way. We know and we believe that we are different from rest, in the way we interact with you, our approach to problem solving, and above all, our attitude.


We are driven to attain our customer’s highest satisfaction by providing business experts with underlying delivery expertise in Enterprise Technology, Methodologies, and Implementations. Our core competencies are designed to effectively deliver results to our customers. At iT People the best value we put in our agenda is to meet DEADLINE well ahead of TIME.


For the last several years, we have built and successfully managed development teams for numerous clients accross the globe. Most of our clients are with us for over 2 years maintaining a team of 5 members or more. Up to this point, 98% of our business comes either from repeat customers or referral.


Several factors make us different from other offshore companies and make us an ideal development partner:



Technical expertise


We work with latest and best technologies to keep us updated all the time. We started working in ASP.net MVC during RC state! We always keep a small buffer team who R&Ds on new technologies. 


Availability of a large talent pool


Bangladesh is a 160+ million people country with lots of talented computer programmers. Absence of big giants like Microsoft, Google, Infosys, makes it possible for us to recruit and retain a large pool of world class talent. This makes it an ideal destination for offshoring SME companies, especially those who don’t need a large team.


Dedicated project team


We create dedicated team for our clients. Each team member solely works on the projects for respective clients. The team is directly managed and supervised by our clients. We offer direct communications between our team members and client to ensure comfort and avoid miscommunication.


Flexible work schedule


With our flexible work schedule, our clients have maximum overlapping time for collaboration and communication. For our clients in UK, the team starts late and has 100% overlapping time, while the team for US based clients starts early to have an overlapping time of 3-4 hours.


Effective team management


We follow the latest project management trends, especially Scrum and KanBan according to unique client need. We value client’s success as the only way of our success. There are dedicated project manager to ensure best communication. Emails are answered and most issues are resolved within 24 hours.


Affordable price


We provide world class talent at a very affordable price. Our clients not only save money in employee salary, they also save money in pay roll taxes, overhead cost, sponsorship cost, insurance etc.


Guarantee of Work Performance

We gurantee the performance of our employees who are eager to satisfy your expectations. 



Bangladesh Address:

House No. :28 (1st floor)

Bhasha Sainik Abdul Matin Sarak

Road No.:07,Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205


Phone : +880 29137359

Mobile : +8801987005157

Email : info@itpeopleltd.com